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May 2010
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Thoughts on external perception, internal experience, and CONduit

The lobby of the Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake is so familiar that it feels like the living room of a good friend. This is not surprising since I’ve attended CONduit at this same hotel for at least 5 years. Many conversations with many friends have taken place there.

On Saturday evening there were only […]

Coming home to the kids

I pull into the cul de sac and peer toward my house. The front room light is on, but the bedroom lights are out. There is no evidence for any of the catastrophic imaginings my brain began to supply when the kids did not answer my phone call to check up on them. This bodes […]

I went to CONduit today

I think that any day where I get to participate in a panel, do a signing where people actually buy my books, read out loud to an attentive audience, go out to dinner with marvelous people, sit around talking for hours, and am not interrupted by phone calls from crying children, can count as a […]

Last Day of School

I sat in the sunshine on a bench out in front of the school. In a few moments children would burst forth from the building, free for the summer. At the moment all was quiet and a breeze flipped the pages of the planner in my lap. I closed my eyes and tipped my head […]

CONduit this weekend

I’ll be attending CONduit this weekend and they’ve assigned me some programming.

On Friday at 2 pm I’m part of a panel called “If I Were a Space Pirate.” Unfortunately a last minute family conflict popped up and I may be late for it (or possibly absent.) If that happens I’ve arranged for Eric James […]

RMS Pre-order day

The nice thing about having a week packed with important things is that if I start fretting about one I can distract myself with another. Pre-order days always turn me into a scattered mess. The first few hours in particular are like the first few steps onto a stage. You’ve practiced your lines, the set […]

Some weeks are not normal

This weekend is CONduit and Balticon. In a normal week having Howard and I attend two separate conventions at opposite ends of the country would absorb all our extra energy for the week. Planning and packing would be the focus for the week.

However this week is also the last week of school. This […]

Appreciating what I have

A week or so ago, my sister commented on a post I made about preparing for the Balticon Art Show. She thanked me for the peek into my life and expressed a little bit of envy for all the cool things I get to do. In particular she mentioned the conventions I get to attend, […]

Geek Girl Party

My house is full of teenage girls. So far there has been a total lack of nail polish, gossip about boys, hair fixing, and telephone calls. Instead Kiki ran a water balloon toss, a massive battle with padded swords, a showing of Dr. Horrible, and a Super Smash Brothers tournament. Howard supplied double-decker dutch oven […]

My Head is too full of things

I have fragments of half a dozen blog entries pinging around inside my brain. They are the result of my life being pretty eventful right now. I would love to give each of them the space that they deserve, but mostly I just need to clear my head so that I can survive the next […]