Day: May 2, 2010


Home home home home home home home.

It even smells right.

Although the decision to turn off the heat while we were gone appears to have been a mistake. It began blowing snow shortly after we departed. Things were a bit chilly on our return, but they’re warming up nicely.


Tomorrow is retrieve the kids day.

The morning of the third day at Penguicon

I think it is a sign of a very good convention when I am so busy that I do not have time to blog. It means I am fully occupied with the present and not narrating it. But the absence of meta-examination in my life can only be a short term thing. It cuts me adrift from the things which center me. Just a moment ago I realized that today is Sunday and suddenly I longed to be at home attending church.

This convention has contained everything I hoped for and then some. I now have tucked away in my memory exactly the kinds of conversations that I used to covet when Howard would come home from conventions and describe them to me. They are mine and I shall treasure them because it will be a long time before I have a similar experience. The home conventions are like family reunions, comfortably and energizing. This one challenges me, makes me think, and lets me come to know people I’ve long admired.

I’m going to have a lot to unpack when I get home, and I’m not talking about luggage. I’m filling the edges of my brain without a chance to process anything. Time to get back to it, I have a panel soon.