CONduit this weekend

I’ll be attending CONduit this weekend and they’ve assigned me some programming.

On Friday at 2 pm I’m part of a panel called “If I Were a Space Pirate.” Unfortunately a last minute family conflict popped up and I may be late for it (or possibly absent.) If that happens I’ve arranged for Eric James Stone to take my place. Eric is a wonderful writer and a good panelist, well worth listening to.

Saturday at 2 pm I’m participating in “Raising Geek Kids.” It should be a fascinating discussion about the cross section between parenting and geekery.

Saturday at 3 pm I have a signing. I’ll bring copies of Hold on to Your Horses and Ages of Wonder for people to buy if they wish. Mostly I expect to have nice conversations with the folks waiting in line for James Dashner.

Saturday at 4:30 I have a thirty minute reading. I’m really looking forward to this. I enjoy reading aloud and it will be a fun chance for me to read a selection of essays and flash fiction. Hopefully I won’t be reading to an empty room. If you’re in the area, please stop by.