Preparing for an art show

Kids are better. Yay antibiotics.

In other news, I spent all day mounting and matting artwork. It is all headed for the Balticon art show. Lots of it is for sale and so hopefully that won’t be coming back to us. The stuff which talks about our process with illustrative examples will be coming back. That is a good thing. I will carefully store it all so that we can re-use it for other convention appearances. The mounting required two trips to the store for supplies. Tomorrow I’ll go in quest of binders tape to secure the edges of the poster-sized book covers.

The next step is to lay all of the art out so that I can construct useful/attractive panels from it. I’ll have to create the informational text and print it out at the right sizes. I’ll have to document each panel as I go, because it is all going in a box to be shipped. On the other end someone will have to decipher my documentation and hang everything.

This whole process has actually been kind of fun. I got to play with tape. The finished pieces make a satisfying pile. Even better, I can stop worrying about it. One huge thing I can check off the list.