Some weeks are not normal

This weekend is CONduit and Balticon. In a normal week having Howard and I attend two separate conventions at opposite ends of the country would absorb all our extra energy for the week. Planning and packing would be the focus for the week.

However this week is also the last week of school. This is a bigger thing than any convention. There are end-of-school things to be done and summer preparations to be made. Normally I would spend the entire last week of school attending year-end events and planning the summer schedule in detail.

But this week is also crunch time on Quest for the Tavern layout. I really should have had it done last week. So every spare minute should be spent in my office hammering away at that project.

Only tomorrow is the day we open pre-orders on Resident Mad Scientist. Since pre-order is our biggest sales day of the year, and the core of our financial stability, it trumps everything else. So instead of all that other stuff, I spent all of today entering new items into the store and tweaking other merchandise entries. We have new prints, new stickers, magnets reordered, and re-prints on t shirts. This is in addition to the miniatures, Writing Excuses CDs, pins, prints, and books that were already in the store. We’ve poked and prodded and stressed all day until things are as ready as they can be.

Tomorrow will be a day of nail biting. Pre-order days always are. Only I can’t bite my nails because I need them to look reasonably nice for CONduit this weekend.