Attempting to depart the land of fret and worry

I have been fretting. Sometimes just for kicks I’ve been switching it up with worrying. The difference is in the size of the consequences associated with the thing in question. Looking at a chip in my windshield and trying to figure out if it will split into a crack is a fret. Trying to picture how I will run my life next Fall is a worry.

Today has been a worry day. My brain has been spinning upon many things, none of which I can resolve today. I have done everything I can, gathered all the information necessary, and decided upon plans of action. All that is left for me to do is wait for further information. I won’t know for sure that this pre-order (opening next Tuesday) will go well until I get there. I can’t know whether I have to fight over class placements until I know what the placement is. I can’t know if everything will work out or if it will all fall apart. I have to wait. And while I wait, I do the mental equivalent of biting my nails. It accomplishes nothing and makes a mess.

The worry was nearly incapacitating this morning. I’m not sure why it was so hard to shake it off. I suspect it was the natural biorythmic lull after the super effective day I had yesterday. Around noon I finally sat myself down and really looked at everything in my head. It was like a checklist
1. What specifically are you worried about. Think it through in detail.
2. What would be the worst possible outcome for this thing?
3.What is the most likely outcome for this thing?
4. Make a plan for the worst possible outcome.
5. Make a plan for the most likely outcome.
6. Can I implement any part of the plan today? Is it necessary today? If not today, put it on the schedule for when it is necessary.
7. Acknowledge the rest is out of my control and let it go.

Sometimes I visualize really letting it go. Other times I visualize putting it away. Both get the thing out of the middle of my brain.

It worked. I still have things that I am nervous about, but I am not actively worried in a way that interferes. I got some work done, which will save me some worry another day.