Mixed feelings while nearing the end of a school year

The fact that I have mixed feelings about the end of the school year is not news. My feelings on the matter are generally mixed. This year is more mixed than most. Kiki will be leaving junior high. Link will be leaving Elementary school and he’ll have to say goodbye to one of the best teachers he has ever had. Gleek really needs to be done with this year. She’s been a bundle of stresses as she valiantly tries to manage a social situation which does not play to her strengths. Patch will be sad to leave his first grade teacher. He’s had a really great year.

I’m worried for the summer. We have events scheduled almost every week, but keeping a daily schedule is going to be a challenge. I’m really looking forward to letting the kids stay up a little later and sleep a little later. That will be nice for awhile.

I’m worried for next fall. Both Kiki and Link will be settling in to new schools. The elementary school’s staff has had a major reshuffling and we’ve lost a lot of really good teachers. The good news is that I’ll have class placements on the last day of school which means I don’t have to spend the entire summer in suspense about what my two youngest have ahead of them.

The summer is busy, but the Fall is not. I am keeping it that way. I expect this Fall to fill up with parenting. Again.