Steaks, boxes, and layouts

We had steak for dinner tonight and I blame the Mythbusters. We’ve been watching episodes and last Friday we saw one in which the Mythbuster crew attempted to determine if explosives were an effective method of tenderizing a steak. This fixed in the minds of my kids the idea that steak is awesome. Patch in particular requested to eat it. So today Howard indulged everyone’s curiosity and cooked some amazing tenderloin. Verdict: The kids like steak and our grocery budget is doomed.

In unrelated news, I cleaned out my shipping/storage room today. By the time I was done I had a stack of almost 20 boxes which had been laying around empty and taking up space. This happens when I pull the last books from a box and toss the empty box out of the way so I can open the next box. In theory I then grab the empty box and flatten it. But more often than not, the empty boxes get shoved from one spot to another as I’m trying to get at the stuff I really need. But all is orderly now. I have made lovely empty spaces in which I can clearly see exactly how much inventory I have. Answer: Not enough. I’ve got to make a run to the storage unit tomorrow because we need to build some more box sets. There will be shrink wrapping.

Tomorrow will also bring a trip to pick up the prints I had made for the Balticon art show. Later this week I’ll be matting things and then taping up a section of my floor to plan how to lay out the art panels.

Speaking of lay out, if you’ve ever wondered what all this “layout work” that I talk about actually looks like, you can go take a look at the flickr set I put together. As I made changes to RMS, I took snapshots of how the changes affected particular page spreads. You can look through the set slowly and read the descriptions. I almost find it more interesting to flip through quickly and watch things shift around fast. The set is here.