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August 2010
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Writing and cleaning

Tomorrow I need to unpack my writer brain and work on an essay revision. Part of me longs to return to focused writing. Another part dreads the return of ambitious thoughts. I’m still soul-tired from the schedule this past summer. I’m still not feeling balanced in the school schedule or the finances. There are still […]

Pattern Emergence

It is just possible that I’ve found some normality. The kids all got to school on time. I got my work done. I had a good conversation with a far away friend during my afternoon down time. Then the kids came home and we assessed homework without anyone melting into a puddle of woe. The […]

School Day Three and the weekend

It feels like a week has passed since 6:30 am when my alarm went off. Monday feels like several weeks ago. I’ve washed up on the shore of the weekend. But the skies are clearing and hopefully I’ll be able to set sail again on Monday with calmer waters and a good wind.

I’ve been […]

School day two

Day two of school and advocacy is required on behalf of children. The first is a (hopefully) minor schedule change for Kiki and should be completed quickly. However Kiki is a bit overwhelmed by high school and will likely need extra support for at least a month.

The second case for advocacy is going […]

School begins

The first day of a new schedule is always exhausting. This week I get to have three of them. Today Link and Kiki both went to school for orientation days. Tomorrow Kiki, Gleek, and Patch will attend their first day of school, but Link will not because he attended orientation all day today. Thursday is […]

The Next Sugar Experiment

Once Gleek and I concluded our brief experiment with using an alternative method for balancing her body for sugars, we talked over what worked and what didn’t. It was obvious that Gleek is sensitive to sugars, this is not news. I figured that out around the time she used her first words to beg for […]

Schedule as puzzle

The first step to assembling a jigsaw puzzle is to spread the pieces out on the table and turn them over so I can see the shapes and colors. At that point the table is covered and it looks like there is no way for all the pieces to be assembled into a coherent picture. […]

Experimenting with sugar and alternative medicine

In Terry Pratchett’s books the witch Granny Weatherwax uses Headology to help people more than she uses magic. Headology uses both psychology and trickery to adjust people’s behaviors. In the case of a man with chest pains, Granny told him that he’d been bewitched by nymphs who lived in a waterfall. All he had to […]

Howard’s trip to Australia

Howard’s trip to Australia has led me through exciting new lands of forms and paperwork as I figured out how to send books via a customs broker, buy an international plane ticket, make reservations at a hotel on another continent, file for a visa, find the tax forms to report earnings to both the Australian […]

Kiki on the road

There are many times in a parent’s life when she wonders what on earth she was thinking when she agreed to a particular endeavor. I’ve felt that way about lessons, birthday parties, games, toys, and treats. Today’s revisitation of the feeling was the moment when I sat in my van with Kiki at the wheel. […]