October costuming begins

Tis the season for costumes. My kids persist in being creative. It is a trait I really enjoy. Often they can put together thoroughly entertaining ensembles from the supplies they have on hand. But sometimes they have a very clear picture of what they want and it is highly complicated. Then we have to negotiate. Some years are easy, only requiring me to locate appropriate props. This year is not looking easy.

Kiki wants a Zero Suit Samus costume. This video game character wears a skin-tight body suit, which is not something I am comfortable having my 15 year old wear in public. We have created a compromise which looks less like the character than Kiki would have preferred but which won’t get her harassed unpleasantly at school. To increase the level of difficulty, Kiki needs her costume complete by Friday because she has an event to attend on Saturday. I am sewing like lightning this week.

The presence of the sewing machine in the kitchen has all the other kids hovering and spilling over with ideas about what they want to be. Mostly I am letting them ramble to see if the same idea surfaces more than once. Also I am listening for the cool ideas which are also easy so that I can encourage those. Thus far I have not succeeded in this. Link’s current plan is to be one of the Halo characters in full body armor. He wore something similar a few years back. We cobbled it together out of spray-painted sports equipment. It looked enough like the costume to pass for a young child, but it is not something that would be acceptable for junior high. Also it doesn’t fit anymore. Armor is a costume that my sewing machine can not really help create. There will be negotiation.

Before this week is over I need to make them all choose. I have to have time to figure it all out. Simultaneously I need to be arranging all the details for the church Halloween Carnival. I’m in charge this year. Halloween looks to take over the entire month of October.