Acquiring a Cat

Our part-time cat has become a full-time cat. Gradually she was spending increasing amounts of time at our house instead of being at her official home. I think the other cats at that house were chasing her away from the food. The neighbors to whom she belonged are also good friends and have given us permission to begin feeding the cat. They do this with full knowledge that she’ll transfer her permanent home here. Having her around has been so good for both of my girls. Petting the cat is one of the first things Gleek does every morning and is always her first stop upon returning from school. Ditto Kiki. They spend hours outside petting her and playing with her. The concentrated cat-cuddle time has been so good for them. They are really good about using a lint roller on their clothes the moment they walk into the house and my allergies have been alright thus far. She really is the perfect cat for us. She is social and vocal (no chance Gleek will forget to feed her). She’s also self-sufficient and content to curl up in the garage at night.

I must confess that I watch the cat cuddling with longing. My allergies developed in my teens and I really miss the feel of a purring cat. I do pet her sometimes, but only with one hand and I have to immediately come inside and wash lest there be hives and wheezing. I think how nice it would be for my girls to sleep with a cat, but that is simply not to be. I will just be content that the perfect cat came to us again, even after we had to give her back. It was a long strange road, and there is every possibility that she will change her mind again, but for now she is ours.