Updates when poised upon the edge of Spring Break

Canada has decided to keep Howard for another day. Or rather, the massive line for US customs prevented him from boarding his plane on schedule. The Ad Astra folks were marvelous. They retrieved him from the airport and offered to pay for his extra night’s hotel stay. I’m glad he is in a place where there is a chance he can relax and visit with good people. I’m sad it will take him that much longer to get home.

On the home front we successfully navigated our second Sunday dinner where the kids were required to assist in the cooking. Link was in charge and I had ample opportunities to teach him how to read a recipe. It is not as intuitive as I would have previously assumed. The resulting meal was a big pan of lasagna. We’ve still got 3/4 of it. I’ll have to see if it freezes well. I think the next time we do lasagna, I’d like to find a recipe which is lighter on the meat and includes vegetables. Next week Gleek will be our chef.

The non-chef kids have assignments as well. One is tasked with helping clean up. One sets the table. The last one has to sit down and plan the food for the next week. I’m well aware that this schedule is only the tiniest of baby steps toward teaching my kids self-sufficiency in the kitchen, but at least we’re shuffling in a good direction. I don’t have the energy or focus to require anything more rigorous. Hopefully this plan will prove to be one that settles in rather than disappears.

This week is our Spring break. For the first time in 3 years I am actually looking forward to having my kids home for the week. I managed to clear the business calendar so that I have time to calmly plan fun things to do. Howard’s life is a bit crazy this month, but mine is not. I think that because mine is not, Howard’s will be simply busy instead of crazy-stressful. I’m doing what I can on that front.

I think it is going to be a good week.