Projects in Process

Stepping Stones book project:
I opened up my book project today for the first time in over two weeks. It feels like it has been longer because my brain has been working double time in the interim. I spent a couple of minutes reorienting myself in the project and figuring out where I left off. Everything about it felt stupid. I could not find any sense of inspiration or flow. I allowed it to all be awful and pounded out some words anyway. I have only one more essay to re-draft, then a bunch of data entry for the hand-written edits in the margins of the print-out. So close, yet not quite done.

Pretty Dresses:
I have now removed all the bits which did not fit my vision for what the dresses will eventually be. Evidence of this feat is strewn all over the family room floor in the form of tiny bits of thread. Gleek was fascinated with the project and did some of it for me. Next comes the more fearful parts. Seam ripping can be undone, cutting can not. However I can not shorten sleeves without scissors. That part will have to wait until I have a few hours available. Nylon chiffon frays badly if the edges are left raw for very long. (I feel cool for being able to attach the right name to the fabric. I know lots of fabric names and lots of fabric textures, but I would badly fail a mix and match test. I intend to fix this as my project continues.)

Raising Children:
My most important and long-term project. I didn’t do anything critical on this today except feed them at intervals and dole out a band aids or two. Sometimes it is nice to have a day when they’re around, but I’m not much required.

Cleaning house:
No progress today.

Ground covered in snow, wind cold. No progress.

Schlock books:
I can’t do anything else on EPD until we get page proofs late next week. I’ve sorted images for the next 4 books. I’ll do preliminary layouts starting on Monday.

Between my writer’s group, a friend putting himself through an intensive short story writing course, and another friend posting chapters to be read, critiquing has turned into a project. I’m almost caught up with short story friend. Might finish that later this evening. The others I’ll get to.

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