My List of Things

This is my list of things to do between now and Wednesday. The results of these things will generate an entirely new list of things for the second half of the week. Well, new except for those things which I did not complete before Wednesday and which did not go away on their own. In theory I will be updating as I go, in practice I’ll stop when I get distracted and forget:

Accounting I cheated and got a head start here. Finished on Saturday.
Update four websites
EPD layout -place margin art and bonus story
EPD Reprint margin art pages for Howard Done. Monday afternoon
EPD create pipe boxes for footnotes Done Mon 12:50 pm. I learned to work smart. Yay!
EPD enter copy edits Done Thurs noon
EPD cover comic and quotes Partially done Thurs
Contact Unspecified cool person about a future book intro Done Thurs morn
Contact another unspecified cool person about a different book intro. Done Thurs morn
Complete my book revision not going to happen this week. Again. Sigh.
Email triage Done Mon Morning
Visit new elementary school with kids Done Monday afternoon. They are pleased with the look of the new playground.
Go to Meeting with Gleek about gifted program Done Tues evening
Decide for certain whether to accept placement in gifted program Done Wed morning
Decide whether I’m going to also move my youngest child to the new school or if I’m going to put up with 4 kids being in 4 different schools. Done. youngest is moving too. (I hope. I’ve applied anyway.)
Preliminary layout for four more schlock books
Make dessert for an event I can’t attend because I’m double booked Oops. Skipped this one.
Do reading for Writer’s Group Done Wed morning
Attend Writer’s Group Done Wed evening
Added Monday Morning:
Buy 10 ISBN Numbers I can’t believe we ran out. 10 books in print right now. On to the next 10.
Watch Dancing With The Stars. Done I feel quite guilty about accomplishing this with so many important things pending. I was hiding from all the stressful important things.
Added Thursday:
Mailing Done Thurs Morning
Email triage Done
Work on book revision
EPD image edits Done Thurs afternoon