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April 2011
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My List of Things

This is my list of things to do between now and Wednesday. The results of these things will generate an entirely new list of things for the second half of the week. Well, new except for those things which I did not complete before Wednesday and which did not go away on their own. In […]

On My Neighbor’s Steps

I sat on the front steps of my neighbor’s house. The sun had set, but the concrete was still warm against my bare feet. I wriggled my toes, reveling in the fact that it was warm enough for me to venture outdoors without the protection of shoes. My neighbor sat next to me and we […]

Looking toward the week ahead

I counted the number of essays I have left to revise before I can call the revision done. Six. I am so close. I could do that in a day if I pushed myself hard. The trouble is that if I wear myself out finishing the revision, I will be no good for the other […]

Farewell Vacation, Hello Deadlines

“I need a deadline. Tell me the absolute last date on which we can send files to the printer and have books in time for GenCon.” Howard said.

I turned away from him and stared out the van window. The red rocks of Arches had vanished behind us. The rocks I could see were just […]

The Price of Family Vacation

There is an unsettled feel to the beginning of a vacation. We walked in the door of the condo and two kids went pelting up the stairs to shout exclamations about the bedrooms. The other two paced around the downstairs as if measuring the bounds of the kitchen and sitting area. I didn’t sit still […]

Visualizing My Schedule as it Flows

We are now six and a half years into our adventures in creative self-employment. The first eighteen months were all about scrambling to find ways to bring in more money and to spend less. The two years after that were all about growing the business and figuring out how things work. We succeed at business […]

Today in Three Scenes

Howard staggered in the door looking gray and exhausted. A massive, slow-moving customs line made him miss his flight home from Canada yesterday. “You really need to be here 3 hours ahead of your flight.” The customs man said. The next morning, after an additional hotel night and an o’dark-thirty cab ride, less irritable customs […]

Updates when poised upon the edge of Spring Break

Canada has decided to keep Howard for another day. Or rather, the massive line for US customs prevented him from boarding his plane on schedule. The Ad Astra folks were marvelous. They retrieved him from the airport and offered to pay for his extra night’s hotel stay. I’m glad he is in a place where […]

Social Media and Me

A couple of years ago my extended family and I all discovered facebook more-or-less simultaneously. For me it was a natural extension of my online existence. I’d already had a blog for years. For most of them it was a somewhat scary adventure into the wilds of the internet. I quickly found ways to be […]

Patch’s Birthday Party in Tweet form

My house is full of sword wielding boys. twas not supposed to rain on party day, else I’d not have put ‘bring a sword’ on the invites.

It turns out that 10 boys with padded swords do not need a party plan. They just need melee room. Will intervene with pizza before tears.

Serving soda […]