The World is Big

Sometimes I am so focused on the happenings inside the walls of my house, the hearts of my people, that I forget how big the world is.

It is big and wondrous. Skies like these can absorb any stress I care to throw at them.

Of course, under skies like these and with such views to see, it is hard to remember any stresses at all. Two more days of vacation. I think some of my stresses are lost in those skies forever and I’m bringing home the memory of sky instead.

2 thoughts on “The World is Big”

  1. I love it! Leave as many stresses in those skies as you can. Now I think I need to find me some big skies, though I did get a little bit when we went to Saguaro National Park a few weeks ago.

  2. I use some pictures from Monument Valley and that area as wallpaper on my computer. Amazing how having that sky as a background can help put the foreground in perspective.

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