Picturing Family Change

Sometimes Kiki brings home friends who are guys. They are people she likes to spend time with and sometimes who she likes in a way that is different than the way she likes her female friends. Some have made more appearances at my house than others and thus far I’ve liked all of them. I’m also glad that Kiki’s first impulse is to bring home the guys she wants to spend time with. One of the things that is fascinating to me is watching the three younger kids interact with Kiki’s guy friends. Thus far all of these guys have been very kind to the younger siblings, playing with them, teasing them, talking to them. I watch Link, Gleek, and Patch blossom under this friendly attention. They like Kiki’s friends and so do I.

Someday Kiki will bring home a guy who will be part of our lives for more than an afternoon and I can now picture that being a happy thing for all of us. Thinking even further, I can picture how other spouses will join our family and the shape of the family patterns will change to make space for new people. The next ten years are going to change our family pretty dramatically. It is nice to be able to visualize that change as a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Picturing Family Change”

  1. Two toddler aged girls came to our house for dinner tonight. Little sister happily entertained them all night. It was so fun to have such bundles of energy running around. However, I am very content to wait until my kids are the ones to bring new additions to our family.

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