Utah’s Biggest Liar

We just got back from the Utah’s Biggest Liar Competition at the Orem public library. Howard and I were asked to be judges after the contest organizers met us at LTUE. I guess they could tell by looking at us that we might be good at it. It was a family event, complete with a junior competition. So we brought our kids along. I loved seeing the range in experience and practice. I loved how those who were just starting out with storytelling got the same chance as those who had been practicing for a while. The most common flaw was that the stories ran over time. But mostly we didn’t mind because they were fun to listen to.

The kids behaved really well and had a great time. Although Gleek says the best part was after the competition was over and she got to play hide and seek in the library with some other kids. But then she was the one who was telling story after story during the post event cookies. Each story was wilder than the last. All the kids will be getting a reward of some sort, because Howard and I were able to focus on our judging duties without being worried about them.

I came home energized and happy. It was such a nice change after the dragging day that I’d had. I loved getting to talk with the people who were there. I hope we can be involved again.