Frazzled Today, better tomorrow

I have achieved frazzled. I’ve actually been there ever since yesterday afternoon when I got an email reminding me of some artwork we had promised to a convention which I had then forgotten to actually supply. Fortunately we had plenty of art to hand off to them and the problem is now solved, but the jitters have remained.

Howard has kicked into high gear, and is thus thinking 10 miles per minute. He’s drawing that fast too. The last pieces are coming together. The tweaks we’re making on the book now are the ones which most people wouldn’t notice, but which are the difference between good and amazing. The last of the margin art is going in today. A few things remain to be colored.

But then there are the other pieces. The loose business pieces in several flavors of new that I also have to wrap my head around far enough that they get filed rather than lost.

And through it all, the kids tromp and play and want food. That is my day. By tomorrow the sun will come out both literally and figuratively.