Temporary Laurel Resting

I sent a package today. Me shipping something is a common occurance, but this package was special. It contained color proofs and digital files for Resident Mad Scientist. This means the count down clock is ticking toward the day when two pallets of books arrive in my driveway. I’ll get a schedule from the printer once they review the files. At that point I can schedule the opening of pre-orders and the likely dates for the shipping party and release party.

It feels really good to have the project finished. I’ll be resting on my laurels and doing family stuff through the weekend. On Monday I’ll pitch the wilted laurels and get back to work. We have five conventions in the next six months. I have to plan so that the merchandise and art displays all arrive in the right places on schedule. It will also be time to start work on Emperor Pius Dei as well as an XDM adventure module. There will also be assorted family events. Believe it or not, this actually represents a slow down from last year. Listing it out like that brings home the necessity of making sure each day has a balance of work and rest. It is the only way to be happy in the life we have chosen.