Kid perspectives on what we do

I was carrying five large boxes to the curb one at a time. They were full of books which are getting shipped to Penguicon in Michigan. (Howard and I will be there in three weeks. Stop by if you’re in the vicinity.) As I was making the trips in and out of my house, I became aware of Gleek talking to the neighbor’s babysitter.

“Oh yes.” Said Gleek “Those are full of books. Our fans buy them.”

My mind stuttered to a halt to hear Gleek talking about “our fans.” I sometimes feel self-conscious talking about fans, because really they are fans of Howard and the comic strip. And they only belong to the category by choosing it, they don’t even belong to Howard. To have a fan is to have a gift, it bestows (limited) obligation, not ownership rights. But then I remembered that it we talk about our house, our car, and our food. These things become the communal property of the family even though Howard and I are the ones who pay for them. It makes sense for Gleek to generalize the source of our income. However my kids definitely have a very different perspective on where money comes from than the one I grew up with.