Patch Contemplates His Future

Patch climbed out of bed and approached me with a serious look on his face. “Mom, I’ve changed. Now I am thinking ahead. I’ve been thinking about how my life is going to be. Making Halo comics.”

“Oh?” I answered.

“Yeah. I need to start practicing now while I’m a kid to get good at my things. I need to practice until I’m good enough to make comics.”

“And what things do you need to practice?” I asked.

“Drawing Halo guys from toy boxes. I need to get more Halo sets so I can look at the boxes. Or I could look at the boxes at my friend’s house” Then Patch begins to tell me the plot of his planned comic page by page. After every page is described, complete with explosions and sound effects, Patch continues.

“So I’ll start selling them now for $3. Then when I make my teenager connection I’ll sell them for more. When I’m in my 20’s or 30’s then I’ll start hiring people. And when I have five comics I’ll put them in a box together and sell them for $15. The boxes will be really expensive.”

“So I’m really thinking ahead. I think the changes will start tomorrow.” He paused a moment.

“It’s going to change my life completely.”

After another contemplative pause he added. “And I’m going to have a telephone.”