The Light Fantastic

It’s amazing how seemingly small things can thoroughly delight kids. For months now the ceiling light in Kiki and Link’s room has been broken. It had a short in it which burned out bulbs in minutes. It was summer and the days were pretty long, so we just made do with the bedside lamps after dark. Then the days started getting shorter. And I started hearing “I’m scared!” a lot more often. So a few days ago Howard bought a florescent light fixture to put up in their room. He installed it this morning. Can we say “overkill”? Kiki and Link now have the brightest room in the whole house. They love it. Kiki said “It’s like Day!” I squinted and agreed. Then we turned off the light and discovered that florescent light really powers up all the little glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceiling. They now have a super-glowing galaxy to watch as they fall asleep. There were squeals and giggles at this discovery. Link summed it up by saying: “This is my bestest day!”