Wednesday Incoming

Here it is. 7 am on Wednesday morning. Anyone who has been reading my journal for more than a week knows that last Wenesday walloped me hard. I’m kind of expecting the same today.

Scheduled events:
9:30 am Drive kids to school
10-12 am Scrapbooking at the church (Yay! Adults to talk to!)
12-2 pm at home for Patches nap
2:30- 3:15 pm Gym time
3:30 pick up kids from school
4:15-6:15 drive in circles taking kids to and from classes.
6:30 Home and collapse

Unscheduled events that need done:
Folding laundry
organize computer desk
organize pantry
eat at least 3 times
feed the children at least 3 times

I could put more stuff into the Unscheduled Events column, but I’ll be lucky to get the stuff that is already there done. Besides I don’t want to feel overwhelmed before I even start today.