Day: September 12, 2004


In the process of organizing my new office space I’ve come to the conclusion that we have too many books. This kind of thought is practically heretical. How is it possible to have too many books? Well, our paperback Science Fiction collection runs over 300. The stuff that schools require as reading runs over 50. Old text books run over 30. Religious books over 75. The Juvenile fiction is over 100. The picture books are probably over 200. And then there is all the miscellanous stuff which is more than 100. We don’t have enough shelf space for all of that. Not even with the paperbacks stacked two deep.

The problem is that they are BOOKS. Books are good and special even if we didn’t enjoy reading it that much. But I’m in a mood to be ruthless and so I’ve pulled stacks of books that I’m willing to get rid of. And here lies the next problem. I’ve got to show these stacks to Howard before they leave the house. Odds are really good that I’ve got books in the stacks that he isn’t ready to get rid of yet. We need to find a way for us both to be feeling ruthless simultaneously.

If we were able to sell them rather than just giving them away that would probably help. Unfortunately I check ebay and books simply don’t sell there. In the science fiction section none of the books had any bids. Large lots of 100 or more books were going for $2.50. That kind of money doesn’t make it worth my time to put up a listing. Amazon is probably a better place to sell books, but I still have to go to the trouble of listing all the books individually and then continuing to store them until they sell. Sounds like a lot of trouble.

What I probably need to do is find a local used bookstore and cart them all there. I’d be happy to sell them all for 10 cents each if I could unload the whole lot at once. And if I could get cash. Store credit is no good, I’m trying to get RID of books.

The Sunday of enough sleep.

I actually got enough sleep last night. At 10 pm I walked away from my computer intending to wander upstairs and quiet the missing-of-Howard with a little Buffy. (I already finished the Monk episodes that he left for me) Instead I turned off all the lights and went to bed. Smart move.

Now it is Sunday morning and I feel good. The kids are all playing Windwaker. Well, Kiki is playing, Link is on the tingle tuner, Gleek and Patches are watching. But the point is that they’re all cute and happy and having fun together. I think I’m going to make french toast for breakfast. That will add to the happy.