The beginning of the end

The cancellation of Howard’s trips to New York, Montreal are such a relief to me. I do feel a little bad for disappointing the fans in those locations who were hoping to meet with him, but not bad enough for me to want him to go.

My brain has been so full of thoughts these past couple of days. I even had trouble sleeping last night because my thoughts were running around so fast they chased sleep away. Funny thing is I don’t feel all that tired today. I think I may be running on adrenaline or something. At some point I’m going to crash hard. Hopefully it will be tonight at bedtime.

Edit 6/15/2006: When we cancelled these trips we knew it was because Howard was leaving Novell. We were upset, happy, frightened, relieved, and terrified all in turns. We couldn’t announce his departure on the internet before telling co-workers, so we spent the next 3 days carefully not chronicling any of what we went through. It is sad because now I wish I had a record of it.