Rambly musings.

The weather has turned cooler around here. I’m so glad. I’m ready for Fall to be here. I usually am by the end of summer. I’m glad that it gets dark earlier in the evenings. It makes putting kids to bed on time so much easier if it is already dark when bedtime rolls around.

Soon it will be time for pumpkins and Halloween. We like Halloween around here. Usually by this time of year the kids have their costumes picked out. This year I haven’t heard a word from any of them about costumes. I’m planning on waiting until we’re actually in October before I mention it. But I do need to mention it early because if there is sewing to be done I need time to do it. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to convince them to raid the dress-up box for most of their costume wear.

After Halloween comes November with candles and Thanksgiving. Usually as the weather cools down we start lighting scented candles to make the house smell really yummy. Mostly we use a candle warmer, but sometimes we actually burn them. We haven’t any big plans for Thanksgiving this year, we’ll probably hang out here.

Christmas is going to be full. All the Tayler siblings will be in town. That’s going to be a fun party.

But all of that is in the future. Today I only have a cool stormy wind blowing in the first leaves on the Honey Locust trees starting to turn yellow. The Honey Locusts are always the first to lose their leaves. Maybe thats because the leaves are so little. In another month most of the trees will have lost their leaves and I’ll once again have a view of the the mountains. . . and the apartment building, and State Street, and that Auto Auction place. Five years from now the Austrian pines will have grown big enough to block those things year round, but until then I’ll have to put up with the view. I’ll just focus my gaze inside the confines of my fences where the children are playing on our playset. That’s happy.