Trading Spaces

Today is the day of The Big Move. I’ve rounded up help to move Howard’s drawing and computing space out of the Dungeon Office of Doom and into a room with a view. Granted it is mostly a view of grass and feet, but it has actual daylight.

The move is about halfway done right now. The heavy lifting is over. Two amazing friends came over and carried Howard’s big drawing table up the stairs and maneuvered it around the corner into his new office without having to disassemble it. This saved us one or two hours of frustration with accompanying attmepts to not swear. I was REALLY not looking forward to taking that thing apart and putting it back together. There are springs and bolts and nuts and odd shaped pieces of metal involved. Instead all of the heavy lifting was done in less than 30 minutes. Yay!

Now comes the computer re-assembly. I’ve drafted Chalain and Liren to help me with this. Mostly Chalain, Liren is along for the ride and to keep me company. In theory the computer reassembly is tedious, but routine. Except that I know computer systems. We could be in for an hour or two of frustration with accompanying attempts not to swear.