Long long day. I went to the gym as part of my sporadic effort to shed ten more pounds. From the gym I went to pick up Kiki and Link from school. I then drove straight to Kiki’s art lessons. Then to Link’s gymnastics class where we killed 30 minutes waiting for it to start. Then back to pick up Kiki and drop her off at home. Killed 15 minutes at home then picked up Link. Then headed over to the church building for a Relief Society meeting which I ducked out of early because I was just feeling down and exhausted instead of sociable.

The Wednesday afternoon schedule is exhausting on purpose so that I’m only driving all over one day out of the week. All the other afternoons I get to stay at home. Yay.

I just hope I get more used to Wednesdays so that I don’t end up feeling this blue at the end of every one.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. Re: Hugs

    That’s what I get for doing school while browsing LJ. Forgot to add kudos for loading up one day in order to have a bit of rest on the other days.

  2. Howard made it better. He went out for an essential milk run and came back with three episodes of Monk. We’d never seen the show before and the quirkiness of it cheered me right up. Weird, but it worked.

  3. What a guy 🙂

    Man I wish I could get MY husband to remember the thing he actually went out to get, when he’s distracted by some other cool thing to bring home.


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