Here comes book week

This next week is book crunch week. Howard and I have decided that what we’d like to give each other for Valentines Day is a completed book. This means Howard needs to color the bonus story, finish the cover elements, approve the layout, write some extra notes, write acknowledgments, and perhaps draw a couple of margin art pictures. I need to double check the layout to make sure everything is working, shift around the sections which are not working, find margin art for all the remaining white spaces, assemble all those fiddly footnote boxes, make all the recommended copy edit changes, send a down payment to the printer, create a color print out of the final version, then ship it all off. Oh, and then there are the tasks to finish up the slipcase layouts for the boxed sets. We’re going to be busy this week, but it is the happy busy of “almost done.” By March 1st we should be ready to dive into working on book 6.