The recipe for turning oneself into a zombie

So far today I have been a mother, a chauffeur, an office administrator, a customer service representative, a distribution processor, an inventory clerk, a contract negotiator, a chief financial officer, an accountant, a cook, a janitor, a layout editor, a merchandising coordinator, a laundress, and something akin to a zombie. That last is on the list because of everything that went before. I think I used every part of my brain that it was possible to use until the whole thing shorted out and I had to take a break.

So instead of writing an insightful post I will instead direct you to my friend Stacy Whitman who is running a seminar on writing science fiction and fantasy for children. She is an experienced and intelligent editor, so she’ll have loads of useful information.
Provo Library
Provo, Utah
Rm. 308 (Young-Card room)
Saturday, March 21, 2009
1-4 pm
Many more details can be found on Stacy’s site.