Too brain tired to think up a good post title

This morning was great. I was focused and got piles of stuff done. I assembled the final cover layout for Scrapyard. I also did a tweaking pass through the innards. I even filled up some more white spaces with art that I’d scrounged from Howard’s office. I also handled email and contacts for several ongoing communications. Howard and I were handing each other tasks constantly all morning long. I love how we’ve learned to work smoothly on collaboration. I never would have believed it in high school, but group work is fun when I have the right team. It is all coming together and so are three or for other behind the scenes business things.

For all the good work I got done this morning, I still have hundreds of things left to do. Unfortunately I can’t run hot like that indefinitely. Around 2:30 PM I fizzled out. The rest of the day has been spent drifting with the exception of some critical mommying tasks. Fortunately my parents provided Chinese food for dinner. Yummy food that I did not have to cook first is always a good thing.