Reconnecting, almost there

Last night Patch had a hard time settling for bed. This has been typical lately. He’s always getting back out because he is “hungry.” With a load of work out of my hair, I was more relaxed at bedtime than I have been lately. So I tucked him into bed and talked with him for awhile. After I left to manage Gleek, Patch got back out of bed. I scolded him and he dissolved into a puddle of tears. He wanted more talking time. And then I remembered that when Patch is getting out of bed declaring hunger, it usually means that what he really needs is attention. All the kids could use more mom attention. I’m not sure when they last got real focused attention from me. So today I set about doing all the stuff that the kids have been wanting me to do, but I’ve not had time for. I worked hard while they were at school, but once they were home, I did their stuff. I played games with Patch. I ran a couple of errands for treasured items (a mood ring and a giant jawbreaker.) I looked at the kids and really saw them. I asked them stuff about their lives. It was good. And then I was sucked into a book. I didn’t really mean for that to happen. It is a book that I have read before. but I think it was a rebellion of sorts from the quiet voice in my head that says I should sometimes get to do things I want to do even though they don’t benefit anyone but me.

I am so close to being done. The Baen edits are finished, I just need to do some image processing to make the files smaller. Tomorrow is also the poster shipping day. Saturday and Sunday I’ve got birthday parties to run. Then I’ll be into the week when I can just focus on house and family rather than a dozen urgent business things.