Small good things

January was devoid of happy news. There wasn’t any bad news either, but with it being mid-winter I really felt the lack of good news. Apparently all the good news was lurking and waiting for January to be over. Paperwork that I’ve been waiting for since last September finally arrived. Scrapyard is nearing completion. Howard had an interview with a newspaper reporter for an article which should appear in a local paper in the next couple of weeks. Sales in the store are back up. So I’m feeling pretty good about business stuff.

Add to that the fact that my parents are staying with us. This makes the kids very happy. As far as they are concerned, having grandma here is like having a live-in Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. What child wouldn’t love an adult who gets down onto the floor with them, plays whatever they wish, and has an endless supply of stories for their entertainment. Grandpa is a dispenser of electronic delights. He has cool gadgets in his pockets and he will sit and read the word bubbles in Animal Crossing for Patch who can’t read them himself. The kids are going to miss Grandma and Grandpa when they have to leave on Wednesday.

Sometime in the past two days Howard and I bowed to the inevitable and we gave a name to the cat I rescued from under our deck. She has taken up residence in a nook out in back of our house where we provide her with food, a cozy box for sleeping, and Gleek and Kiki both spend extended periods of time out there supplying her with the attention she craves. The girls are delighted to have a lap kitty. The cat is delighted to have warm laps with petting. It works out really well. So far the kids have all been very good about washing their hands as soon as they come in and changing their clothes if necessary. I’ve only had minimal reactions. This makes me glad. I’ve felt for a long time that Gleek and Kiki would really benefit from having a pet. The boys think the cat is nice, but they don’t spend much time with her. Buying cat food felt odd though. That is not something I ever expected to do.