Enjoying being busy

Sometime in the last six months I stopped putting things off until I’m not so busy. This is because as I peer ahead into the next few months and years, I can’t see a time when I won’t be busy. In the far off future there may be a patch of “Not Busy”, but I suspect it is a mirage. For the next while I just need to consider “Busy” and “Insanely Busy” as normal states for my life and plan accordingly. Fortunately all those years of caring for babies and toddlers taught me how to get things done in small slivers of time. It is an invaluable skill that I still use every day.

Truth be told, I’m not in a hurry to reach “Not Busy Anymore”. We are in a golden time both professionally and as a family. These are the times we will look back at and say “Remember when we were still shipping books out of the basement?” “Remember when Kiki watched the kids all day because we were at LTUE?” “Remember when all the kids had to get ready for school and out the door by 8 AM?” “Remember when we had shipping parties to get books mailed out?” “Remember when we had that cat for two weeks?” “Remember all those times that the dirty laundry pile was so huge that kids could hide in it?” I am not in a hurry to get to the “Not Busy” place, because I love all of the things that keep me busy. And honestly, I suspect I will always be busy because as these things wane, other things will take their place.