Some days all I can write is a ramble

Here I am in my house. The house is not clean, but it is Sunday and so I have a good excuse not to tackle it right now. I’m not supposed to work on Sunday. “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.” That commandment is harder to follow than one might think, particularly when my leisure activities are so entwined with my work. And yet the break benefits both the work and me. The kids are downstairs watching a pokemon disc we got from Netflix. We were going to watch City of Ember, but Link has a scout event at 7 pm and we don’t want him to miss the finale. City of Ember will have to wait until tomorrow. Since tomorrow is a holiday, we’ll have all day long. Except that tomorrow is also a working day for me. So much to do. The volume on the TV is too loud. Pokemon shows are always annoying at high volume. I should go turn it down, except that would require me to get up and as soon as I get up I will remember that I really ought to go fix dinner. Spaghetti is the plan for tonight. I’ve got to use up that italian sausage before it goes bad.

And so my thoughts dribble out of my brain and out through my fingers. I would love to really focus on writing something meaningful, and yet if I tangle my brain into writing I worry that I will have trouble refocusing tomorrow. Also, I’m tired. Too tired to find the insightful thoughts that must be lurking here in my head somewhere. I fell asleep in church today. Not surprising when I was awake on the wrong side of 2, 3, and 4 am last night. The caffeine I drank at 7 pm last night killed the vicious migraine, but also killed normal sleep. At least I got to snuggle Gleek for awhile. It has been months since she came crawling into our bed from bad dreams. 8 year olds tend to stay in their own beds. But last night she was scared and I got to snuggle her. I need to do it lots because before long she’ll be as big as Kiki. That would be a good segue into something insightful, but after staring blankly for several minutes, I couldn’t figure out what the insightful thing might be. Oh well.