Life the Universe and Everything Symposium at BYU

Attendance at LTUE was the highest I’ve ever seen it. as usual, I met marvelous new people and reconnected with friends whom I seldom see. Also as usual, several exciting new possibilities have opened up as a result of the conversations. Now I need to follow up on those possibilities and bring them to fruition.

At the end of the convention a group of 21 people all went out for dinner. It was a delight to gather so many wonderful people in the same place. I had to duck out early. My departure was triggered by a phone call from Gleek, but honestly I’d reached fatigued burn out. I was listening to conversations more than participating and from talking to Gleek I could tell that the kids had reached a burn out of sorts as well. Kiki had two five hour babysitting stretches two days in a row, and her patience was stretched. The other kids were also over tired. So I came home and used the last bits of my energy and motivation to trundle the kids off into bed.

Now I’m really looking forward to Conduit in May.