Sometimes life is too full of things and I can’t process all of it. Then my brain shuts down. I find myself reading a book without having made a conscious decision to read, or I realize that I’ve been staring at the wall for the last 30 minutes, but I can’t remember a thing that I was thinking about. It is a normal defense mechanism. Usually when I discover it, I just give myself a break and write off the next hour, afternoon, or day. I have no space for that. I’m scrambling to finish things so that I can create space. It does not help that I have a sudden influx of things happening beloved people, about which I can not write because the stories are not mine to tell. Not helpful and not anybody’s fault. For some types of news there is no convenient timing.

In the category of Good News, because I think today should have more of it:

I just sent of the large shipment of merchandise to GenCon. In a mere 5 days I will know whether it arrive intact. It is out of my hands now. There are still things to send, but not today. I’ll think about those next week.

Kiki has made friends with a local professional artist and between the two of them they have plans which essentially amount to an apprenticeship for Kiki. I could not be happier. She is going to get to do amazing projects and learn tons about being a working artist.

The Children’s Museum in Salt Lake is an excellent time for a nine year old and a seven year old to hang out for three hours. They had a great time. I would love to write a whole blog post about that trip, but I’m afraid I won’t have the space in my brain before life moves on to something else.

All the invoices are sorted for shipping. I am incredibly grateful to my Janci and really glad that she’s worked with me on this before. She kept me on track this morning. In fact the whole “prep for the shipping day” project is on track.

Howard spent part of our writing group hammering out plot points to finish off this Schlock Mercenary book. It makes me glad and is full of fun.

Next weekend I get to flee all my business things and spend time with my kids. In fact, despite how crazy busy I have been, I think I’ve done fairly well at making sure the kids get spaces each week where their things come first.