Escape velocity achieved

The morning began with a trip to Alphagraphics for the final test print on the QFT cover. This was followed by a trip to the storage unit to pick up the last boxes necessary for Monday’s shipping event. After that I emailed the last bits of paperwork to the kind folks who are handling the shipping of books to Australia. Janci arrived to work on postage printing, and I was done. I had accomplished every bit of work that it was possible for me to do before 8am Monday.

Normally this would be the signal for me to turn into a jellyfish and accomplish nothing for two days. Instead I switched gears and started field marshalling my children into packing suitcases. By noon we were in the car and on our way to a family reunion. Tomorrow and Sunday will be filled with bonding activities and laughter. It is a good thing. I am glad for it. I am also thinking longingly of hiding in a quiet corner as a jellyfish. Fortunately my extended family reads my blog and they have kindly not required me to plan anything. I’m just along for the ride, where ever it may go.