Change of pace

I think I’ve gotten to the point where all the “make or break” decisions are made. All that is left is to deal with the consequences. I’m mostly done organizing and planning, now I just need to execute. This is much less brain-twistingly stressful and is just merely busy. Adding to the relief is that some of the tasks, like book release shipping, are totally complete. The huge majority of those packages have arrived to their owners without incident. I can deal with the odds and ends. The church swim party is done. I had my retreat. Things have been shipped to both Indianapolis and Australia. The Indianapolis shipment is already confirmed as having arrived. So the business things have moved into a place that is more routine.

This means it is time for me to pick up some of the things that I have let slide. I need to start moving the kids’ bedtimes earlier. I need to get back to cooking regular meals. Also my house is in serious need of organizational attention. Unfortunately my high gear seems a bit worn out right now. I’ll be picking those things up steadily and slowly. Time to walk, not run.