Church and Conventions

Our business includes attendance at conventions which tend to take place over an entire weekend. We attend a church which reveres the Sabbath day and includes a command to keep it holy. I sometimes feel conflicted by the coexistence of these two facts. I do my best to find a middle ground where I do not forget the Sabbath even when I make business decisions which result in me having to work on it.

In a week I’ll be packing up my two oldest kids and taking them to GenCon. This will be their first opportunity to see how we work a major convention. It will also be their first chance to see how we handle Sundays when we are at conventions. It occurred to me that our church has congregations all over the world. The internet tells me that one of them is meeting at 9 am Sunday morning a mere 1.5 miles from the convention center. That is a walkable distance if it is also a safely walkable route. By Sunday it might be a welcome relief for the kids and I to escape the convention and spend an hour or two at church. Howard would not be able to go. He can’t abandon the booth for long enough. But the kids and I could. And it would probably be a good experience for all of us to be able to attend church outside of Utah. My kids have grown up in the religious majority, they would benefit from seeing a different perspective.

Interesting how I expend more effort on something I felt I ought to be doing anyway, merely because my children will benefit as well.