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The process of arranging my new office continues. I finally got the pair of bookshelves moved to their new locations. It was work I could do solo, but I had “help” from Patches who pulled books from their neat rows on the floor and reinserted them at random. The moving of all those books is what inspired my “Too Many Books” entry.

The shelves sat in the same place for 6 years and now that they’re moved I can see that the mice really appreciated the convenient hidey holes underneath them. So tomorrow when it won’t wake the children I get to vacuum up all the little mouse “gifts”. Whee.

Once the floor is clean I can move in my work table and declare my new office done.

That’ll just leave the entire rest of the house to organize. . .

3 thoughts on “My Space”

  1. Cleaning your house while your kids are at home is like shoveling the driveway while it’s still snowing …

    But, one room at a time, the house WILL get organized! You’re what, almost two rooms done now? Howard’s Office and Sandra’s Office?

    And no one said *all* the rooms have to be organized at the same time.

  2. Sisyphus. Tantalus was the guy who’s constantly thirsty and hungry, but who’s stuck in a lake that lowers itself JUST out of reach whenever he tries to take a drink and fruit that rises JUST out of reach whenever he tries for some.

    Sisyphus, on the other hand, gets stuck rolling a rock up the hill, only to watch it go down afterwards. That’s what you get for keeping the God of the Underworld in a closet for a few days. 😀

    The Greek gods were kinda sadistic in that way.

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